Monday, April 27, 2009

Alert: Contact Legislators to Support Labor History Bill!

The State Assembly will vote on Tuesday, April 28, on Assembly Bill 172 which requires school districts to address the history of the labor movement and the collective bargaining process in their curriculum. It does not tell the districts how or when to teach these topics, or even how much of the topic to cover. No extra classes would be required. There is a “Lessons in Labor History” curriculum available from the Department of Public Instruction for teachers to use. AB 172 will help balance the scales in our education system, which has essentially ignored the contributions made by workers and their unions to our nation’s economy and democratic process.

School districts are strongly fighting this bill. Contact your Assembly Representative today and urge that he/she support AB 172. Thank you!

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 1-800-362-9472 (Madison Area: 266-9960) Staff will give you the legislator’s toll free office number to call.

E-MAIL: Your representative can be identified at: or e-mailed directly: rep.(insert last name)

David Newby

Sara J Rogers
Executive Vice President

Phil Neuenfeldt

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