Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wal-Mart workers tell their stories in new video from Change to Win

Change to Win and UFCW are ramping up a campaign to help Wal-Mart's workers organize.

Check out this hard-hitting video featuring workers from around the country telling their own stories of hardship and disrespect from the nation's largest private employer.

The new website, called "Wal-Mart Workers for Change," provides Wal-Mart workers with some organizing tools, including a hotline number for the union, a sign-up form to receive text messages by phone, and a downloadable union representation card. Part of the site also informs workers of their rights with an easy-to-read checklist of what management can and cannot legally do.

Webmeister note: Check out the hard-hitting video above. I've been in Wal-Mart a very limited amount of times since they've been in the my area and have only gone there because in my small community where I live there's not much else available or not much else left. Do you really want to support a company like this? Granted, these are American Workers but they are being taken advantage of and there's a fine line for some about not supporting the company for their labor practices. All I can say is... If and when the Employee Free Choice Act comes in to law, Wal-Mart will have to make amends.

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