Saturday, September 19, 2009

Will Postal Consolidation Hit Green Bay?

Picketers on one side of the driveway at the General Mail Facility in Green Bay on September 15th.

Save Our Service

by: John E. Durben

Members of the Northeastern Wisconsin Area Local APWU were joined by members of the Oshkosh Area Local as well as members from the National Postal Mailhandlers Union and National Association of Letter Carriers in an informational picketing. The picketing took place on September 15 at the General Mail Facility in Green Bay and was organized to inform the American Public of a study being performed by the Postal Service to take the outgoing mail operation as well as the Green Bay Postmark and send it to Oshkosh, WI.

The results of the postal survey are expected to be available in about 60 days. All APWU members, their families, relatives, and friends are urged to contact their Legislative Representatives and urge them to get involved and Save our Service in Northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan . At last count there were 79 employees involved in the event.

Not only is the postal service threatening to take the mail to Oshkosh, they are also planning to close the Station A office on Chestnut Street. This Office is located in the West Side downtown area and has been run by one clerk for many years. Aside from a full service window unit the Station operates a post office box section. There goes some more service

Is it time to say good-bye to the Green Bay Postmark? Say hello to the Oshkosh Packers...