Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 APWU National Convention (Day 1)

These are notes taken July 21, 2014 at the 2014 APWU National Convention. These are as accurate as possible. Understand there could be some typos or minor errors. I apologize in advance for any errors in my figures or notes. ENJOY!


The 2014 APWU National Convention has begun. This will be a busy week with a lot of business to conduct.


At least 24 Constitution Committee Resolutions 

At least 24 National Executive Board Resolutions

At least 145 Labor Management Resolutions

At least 49 Clerk Craft Resolutions

At least 17 Maintenance Resolutions

At least 10 Motor Vehicle Resolutions

At least 3 Support Services Resolutions

At least 34 Formal Resolutions

At least 28 Legislative/Political Resolutions


The Stop Staples Protest Campaign is working. Teacher, Firefighters, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, along with other local and national Unions and Associations have endorsed the Stop Staples Campaign and have voted to boycott Staples. The APWU will continue to expose the USPS’s plan to degrade the Postal Service by holding a Stop Staples protest in Chicago tomorrow. The NALC will hold a joint Stop Staples protest Tuesday in conjunction with their national convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Credentials Committee


There are currently 1440 Delegates in attendance at the 2014 APWU National Convention representing approximately 230 locals.


APWU President Mark Dimondstein - State of the Union Address

Brother Dimonstein spoke about the Stop Staples Campaign and how greed is controlling how things are done in the Postal Service, politics and our communities, All local and national public services (including Postal Services) are under constant attack.

Workers are beginning to stand up and fight back. Wal-mart, fast food and Postal workers have been fighting back. We must continue to fight in order to win the fight. Staples is attempting to change their relationship with the USPS in order to derail the APWU’s “Stop Staples” Campaign. The next fight will be villiage Post Offices.

The APWU has a new negotiated contract with the Support Services Division


There have been over 2000+ Conversions of PSE Employees.

Stated that there should be only one Postal Union, but absent of that we should all be working together.


There is now a joint legislative agenda by all Postal Unions. All Postal Unions will fight together on the Plant Closure Fight.

All Postal Unions seek to add Postal Banking Services. This would provide basic banking services to all citizens. It would add over $9 Billion in revenue.


Create a grand alliance not only with other Postal Unions, we need to get out in the community and get our citizens involved in our fight.

Asked the APWU delegates to be jury on whether Postmaster General Patrick Dunahoe is guilty of the degradation and erosion of the USPS. The delegates responded with “Donahoe Has Got To Go!” We need a new Postmaster who will protect and expand the United States Postal Service.


Secretary / Treasurer’s Report Liz Powell

Since the 2012 APWU National Convention our membership has declined and our income has continued to decrease. Since January 1, 2014 the APWU has signed up over 5000 new members.


APWU National Income

2013 – 20,666,133

2014 – 20,344,209

Headquarters lost $321,924.00 during 14 pay periods prior to July, 2014


APWU Bargaining Unit Employees

2000 – 351,735

2014 – 191,129

The APWU is 80.4% Organized

There are over 37,000 non-members.


NOTE: The APWU National Secretary/Treasurer office (led by Secretary/Treasurer Liz Powell) created a very detailed financial booklet to show the status of the APWU National finances.

APWU Health Plan contributed $17 million back to the APWU. The APWU Health Plan continues to allow the APWU to continue to be financially viable while our membership continues to decline.


There are:

Approximately  26,000 current APWU members enrolled in the APWU Health Plan

Approximately 26,000 associate members enrolled in the APWU Health Plan

Approximately 56, 000 retirees enrolled in the APWU Health Plan

The finance committee recommended that APWU members take note of the associate and retirees enrolled in the APWU Health Plan in order to see just how good the APWU Health Plan is viewed by others.


Notable speakers at the 2014 APWU National Convention :

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky - Today

Congressman Danny Davis - Today

National Association of Letter Carriers - Fred Rolando Today (via video)

National Postal Mail Handlers Union President John Hegarty - Today

National Association of Rural Letter Carriers Jeannette Dwyer - Today

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka - Tuesday

MSNBC Broadcaster and Radio Host Ed Schultz - Thursday

Radio Commentator Jim Hightower - Thursday

Actor Danny Glover - Thursday