Tuesday, August 5, 2014

APWU of WI makes donation to Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans

Steve Lord, President of the APWU of Wisconsin presents a check for $500.00 to Mike Pyne , President of The Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans (WIARA). The Alliance is a “grass roots” organization that looks out for the interests of retired American workers.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thank You Senator Baldwin for Your Support!

Retired NEWAL President Tony Vanderbloemen, Milwaukee Area Local Business Agent Mark Ferrari, APWU of Wisconsin President Steve Lord, Wausau Area Local President Mike Tomzyck, and Madison Area Local President Bret Wersland meet with US Senator Tammy Baldwin to discuss legislative issues dealing with the USPS.  We were also there to express our gratitude for all her help trying to stop the disastrous postal reform bill S1486 and plant consolidations and closures.

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Your APWU COPA $’s in Action

Area Local President Paul McKenna and APWU of Wisconsin President Steve Lord present Wisconsin AFL CIO Secretary Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale with a $2500 check from APWU COPA to support Labor friendly candidates in critical Wisconsin 2014 Governor and legislative races.

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