Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Employee Free Choice Ally: Laura Dresser of The Center on Wisconsin Strategy

The Center On Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) is a national policy center and field laboratory for high-road economic development — a competitive market economy of shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and capable democratic government.

COWS is based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Associate Director Laura Dresser participated in an on campus teach-in in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.

In the video above, Dresser explains that increased union density is necessary in order to close the increasing wage gap in the United States. By allowing more working people to negotiate for fair wages and benefits, the Employee Free Choice Act will help create an economy that works for all Americans again.

Joel Rogers, the Director of COWS, has also been a vocal supporter of the Employee Free Choice Act. Rogers participated in an economic roundtable with Madison area workers and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin back in February:

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