Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Resolution seeks three cent PPA funding adjustment

A matter of cents (sense)

by Tony Carobine, National PPA President

For the first time in 14 years, the APWU National Postal Press Association is asking national convention delegates to support an adjustment in its funding. Currently, Article 16, Section 2(e) of the APWU Constitution provides that "The APWU shall remit five (5 ¢) cents of the national per capita tax, per month, per member to the Postal Press Association." The resolution calls for adjusting this amount to eight cents per month per member. This measure has gained wide support and has been adopted in various forms by 23 state conventions and a number of locals throughout the APWU. [Full Story]

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  1. As an APWU Editor and a member of the APWU Postal Press Association for over 30 years (1977?), I would like to say that the PPA has been a valuable asset for me at times. I remember receiving guidance from Hank Greenberg the first President of the Organization as well as from our current President Tony Carobine. Sometimes a Local Editor (especially if they are appointed) can get caught up in local politics that may cause problems down the line for the Local or State Organization. This is where the poor Local Editor who may be in the middle of a Local crisis can get an idea of what is the right thing to do for the Organization they represent.

    The PPA Conferences every two years are a “Godsend” especially for the newer Editors that are allowed to attend by their Locals. Attending some of the seminars over the years I’ve seen the responses of the young Editors as they become more educated at these functions and you can see that the wheels are turning in their minds with new ideas and objectives that they’ve learned in those few days. You can see the expressions in their faces and in their eyes. As for me, the Conferences every two years have been like a shot in the arm to continue to try different approaches and putting out an informative publication whether it was for the State or Local Publication at the same time. (It never fails that I continue to learn as I attend these things.)

    I ask that all delegates at this Convention in Detroit would support this resolution and allow the APWU National Postal Press Association to operate so that it can Educate and assist our current and future APWU Editors. Remember: If you are a Local or State President – and you want to communicate with your members to keep them abreast of what is important in “their” future – you need to support this resolution.