Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Don't Take Away New Medicare Benefits for Seniors"

The following statement was issued today by Leon Burzynski, president of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, in response to the U.S. House voting to repeal the Affordable Leon Burzynski2Care Act:

"The U.S. House shamefully voted to take away Medicare benefits that are helping seniors in Wisconsin better afford to see a doctor and fill a prescription."

"Wisconsin retirees are upset that, in voting for repeal, Reps Duffy, Petri, Ribble, Ryan, and Sensenbrenner chose ideology and partisan politics over seniors' basic needs.  We are pleased that Reps Baldwin, Kind, and Moore stood up against the powerful special interests in support of a law that is helping workers and retirees across our state.

In Wisconsin, over 59,000 Medicare beneficiaries have already saved a total of $37,919,307.00 on their prescriptions. Also in Wisconsin, 647,617 seniors have received free, life-saving tests for chronic diseases. 

"Retirees worry about their children and grandchildren, and are happy the law allows young adults under age 26 stay on their parents' health insurance.  Seniors are glad to see working families finally protected from the greed and outrageous business practices of the insurance companies."

"This was the 33rd vote in Congress to repeal this law, a law that in the past two years has been approved by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the Supreme Court. It is time to move on. Political gamesmanship will not help a single retiree, worker, or student live a better, healthier life."

The real truth is that seniors have already and will continue to benefit from the Affordable Care Act.  For a complete list of the benefits available under the ACA, visit the website 'Seniors and the Affordable Care Act'.

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