Monday, April 13, 2009

APWU of WISCONSIN... Puts Money Where Mouth Is

By: John E. Durben

At the last APWU of Wisconsin Board of Directors Meeting a motion was made, second and carried unanimously to send a check for $2,000.00 to support the Freedom of Choice Act. This is a very important piece of legislature that gives the right of what type of voting for Union representation to the employees and not the employers as it is now.

APWU and the AFL-CIO have been fighting from the onset to get this legislation before the legislature to become law. It's been far too long that the employers have been dictating the type of vote that dictates the forming of a Union. The employees are going through the process... they should be the ones that dictate how... they want to proceed.

The Union Busting organizations have spent over 200 million dollars to defeat this legislation, obviously labor can not match the deep pockets of corporate America, but we have you... the voters... and our legislators need to hear your voices.

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