Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to Write More Gooder

Exerpt from a workshop at the recent 2009 PPA National Editors' Conference

Instuctor: Jennifer Sherer

In today's microwave world, readers want information fast. Therefore, if the union's message is to be heard, newsletter writers must strive to communicate quickly and clearly. This workshop focused on news writing, feature writing and headline writing.

Participants learned how to write news stories that demand to be read: explored ways to write feature stories that leave readers satisfied but ready for more; learned how to create vibrant headlines that pull readers into the story, and examine why it's critically important to include "real people" in every aspect of writing.

Note: Jennifer is currently director of the University of Iowa Labor Center. She teaches classes on a range of subjects, including steward education, organizing and mobilizing, collective bargaining, labor communications labor and employment law (particularly the Family and Medical Leave Act), and public policy issues.

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