Sunday, August 23, 2009

Learning from the Past to Conquer the Challenges of Today

As the Conference booklet would put it:

This workshop explored the relevance of labor history in today's labor movement. By examining how our predocessors built and maintained effective unions, we can learn what stategies and tactics might be currently usefull. As the labor movement increasingly becomes comprised of a new generation of members, it's important to pass on the lessons that the founders of our unions learned so well themselves.

This session will help comunicators educate their readers about the purpose of unions, inspire them to increase their involvement and encourage them to face up to the issues of today.

Peter Rachleff, Instructor

Peter is a labor historian based at Macalester Cellege in St. Paul, MN. and is no stranger to the American Postal Workers Union with connections back to 1980 in one form or another. He has published two major books, Black Labor In Richmond, Virginia, 1865-1890 (University of Illinois Press, 1989) and Hard Pressed In the Heartland: The Hormel Strike and the Future Of The Labor Movement (Sounth End Press, 1993).It is this writers opinion that this is one of the most interesting workshops at the Conference.

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