Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As Storm Approaches Thank a Public Sector Worker

Sheila Cochran, Secretary-Treasurer of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, reminds us to remember the hard-working men and women of Wisconsin who keep our cities safe in inclement weather.

Today as the snow falls and we prepare for the upcoming blizzard, many people will expect and know that we will get through the blizzard conditions.  Many people stayed home today and are preparing to go home early as I write.

I just want to remind you all and say thank you to those who will help us today. Our mail has already been delivered and the deliveries will continue; the streets are being salted and plowed; fire, police and emergency management are kicked into gear; the Deputy Sheriffs have been assisting in emergencies on our roadways, and many other public servants and officials are doing all we expect them to do.  The airport might have delays but it will get plowed and flights will get out.

Our children are being sent home and their teachers and Principals will do their best to make sure they are home safe. I am certain there are a host of others who are working very hard to make sure that we get through yet another snow emergency, these are services provided by public sector workers.  Many will not ever know that they are appreciated or even thought of today.

This is why I am a taxpayer in the state of Wisconsin and proud of it. I know and expect certain things will just happen and they do.  So when you think about the services you receive and the ones you take for granted, thank a public sector worker!  They are worth every dime we pay for them and more.

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